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    Deep Bio Announces Research Collaboration with a Major Cancer Institute

    July 22, 2021

    Deep Bio renews Research Collaboration Agreement with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

    SEOUL, South Korea, July 22, 2021 – Deep Bio, a leading company in digital pathology and cancer diagnostics, today announced a renewal of their Research Collaboration Agreement with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute aimed at evaluating prostate cancer tumors. This collaboration with Dana-Farber is a part of the Men of African Descent and Carcinoma of the Prostate (MADCaP) Consortium, a global collaboration formed to evaluate the high burden of prostate cancer in the Sub-Saharan African (SSA) population. Dana-Farber is a principal teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School and the founding member of Dana–Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, the largest National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in the nation.

    This research project will investigate if Deep Bio’s deep learning algorithm, DeepDx® Prostate, can serve as an adjunct to pathologist diagnosis of pathology specimens. Tumor tissue images collected from eight separate centers in Sub-Saharan Africa will be processed and analyzed by DeepDx® Prostate. These AI-based pathology reads will be compared with human pathologist evaluations. This study is led by Dr. Timothy Rebbeck, the Vincent L. Gregory, Jr. Professor of Cancer Prevention at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and Professor of Medical Oncology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

    “We are honored to contribute to the meaningful research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, a leading cancer treatment and research center,” said Sun Woo Kim, the CEO and founder of Deep Bio. “This research has clinically significant implications if DeepDx® Prostate shows comparable output to human pathologists. If AI can serve as adjunct to human pathologists, the capacity for cancer diagnosis can improve significantly, particularly in regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa that are facing an extreme shortage of pathologists,” he added.

    MADCaP involves 28 centers and over 15,000 men of African descent in North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa to address the global epidemic of prostate cancer in the African diaspora. Prostate cancer has the highest heritability of the common cancers, and men of African descent have a disproportionately high incidence and mortality due to prostate cancer compared to men of other races.

    About Deep Bio

    Deep Bio Inc. is an AI biotech company with in-house expertise in deep learning, pathology, life sciences, and pharmacotherapeutics. As the country’s first to obtain MFDS approval of an AI-based cancer pathology solution, Deep Bio envisions a suite of AI-based IVD SaMDs (In Vitro Diagnostics Software as a Medical Device) for diagnosis and prognosis of multiple cancers. Deep Bio is actively engaged in the research space and participating in ongoing collaborations with top US medical centers.

    DeepDx® Prostate is a clinically-validated AI for prostate core needle biopsy tissue image analysis. Whole-slide images (WSIs) of H&E-stained biopsy tissue specimens are analyzed for prostate cancer, Gleason scores and grade group. Extensively tested at a US CLIA lab (>540k cores as of June 2021), DeepDx® Prostate can alleviate the shortage of pathologists and the resultant increase in workload, while reducing diagnostic subjectivity and variability. To learn more, visit