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    Deep Bio Welcomes New Advisors to Accelerate Its Growth in Global Market

    October 11, 2022

    The new advisors will focus on Deep Bio’s overseas business expansion as well as strengthening its expertise in cancer pathology.                                   

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (PRWEB) OCTOBER 10, 2022 – Deep Bio, a pioneer in medical AI for digital pathology and cancer diagnostics support software, announced that it has appointed professionals in pathology and precision medicine as advisors to reinforce its cancer pathology expertise and accelerate its overseas business growth.

    This month, a pathologist Dr. Michael Bonham (MD, Ph.D.) joined Deep Bio as a new advisor. With renowned expertise in both pathology and med-tech innovations, Dr. Bonham is expected to provide valuable insights and support for the company’s strategic partnerships and R&D with other digital pathology companies as well as research institutes. Before joining Deep Bio, he built up extensive experience working at many renowned bio companies and pathology laboratories including Genomic Health. In particular, as a former Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Proscia, a US digital pathology platform provider, he led the success in the development and marketing of AI-based cancer diagnosis support solutions and platforms.

    “I decided to join the Deep Bio team because of their commitment to bringing radical changes to the diagnostic field of pathology by applying their state-of-the-art technology towards laboratory automation and diagnostic quality, thereby improving patient care around the world,” said Dr. Bonham. “Pathology is undergoing an incredible digital transformation that will help shape the next generation of precision medicine, Deep Bio is well positioned to become a leader in this space,” he added.

    Deep Bio also welcomed a precision medicine expert to its advisory board. Dr. Kamala Maddali (DVM, Ph.D.), the founder and CEO of Health Collaborations, a consulting firm specializing in AI-based precision medicine, is expected to provide insights and support for research collaborations for biomarker discovery in the life sciences sector. Since she started her career at Merck & Co. Dr. Maddali has achieved great accomplishments in her 17 years-plus experience in precision medicine, oncology, and business.

    “With its AI-driven insights in pathology, Deep Bio has the unique potential for fostering precise data-driven cancer diagnostics to help better clinical care and precision drug development,” said Dr. Maddali. “I am thrilled to join this promising team and support their great mission to provide total cancer care with the power of AI.”

    Sun-Woo Kim, CEO of Deep Bio said “as the digital pathology and AI market continues to grow globally, Deep Bio has continued to build sales channels around the world. With the remarkable advisors now joining Deep Bio, we will strive to establish our presence in the global market and bring innovative products to the industry.”

    Deep Bio, which initiated AI-based pathology image analysis and cancer diagnosis research in Korea, continues to build its global presence through overseas digital pathology platform providers in the US, Europe, and India, as well as conducting research cooperation with Stanford Medical School, Harvard Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and other top research institutions in the US. The company also has been presenting its novel research results in prestigious science and technology journals including the Cancers Journal, npj Digital Medicine, among others.

    About Deep Bio

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