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    Deep Bio’s DeepDx Prostate Featured in CancerX’s Solutions Catalog, Pioneering Digital Innovation in Oncology

    February 5, 2024

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, February 5, 2024 / — Deep Bio, a pioneer of AI-powered cancer diagnostics solutions, proudly announced the inclusion of DeepDx Prostate in CancerX’s Solutions Catalog. This significant participation positions Deep Bio as a key contributor to CancerX’s inaugural project, which is dedicated to dismantling barriers to digital innovation in oncology.

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    The Solutions Catalog, launched in 2023, represents CancerX’s inaugural concrete initiative, strategically designed for digital transformation to enhance access to cancer care and alleviate financial burdens on patients.

    The Solutions Catalog, an integral part of CancerX’s groundbreaking project, is segmented into three key areas: Screening/Diagnosis, Treatment/End-of-Life Care, and Survivorship. It acts as a reference guide showcasing commercialized digital products and solutions in medical institutions across the United States. The CancerX project ensures immediate access to cutting-edge digital cancer diagnostics and treatment solutions from the featured companies in the Solutions Catalog for healthcare organizations nationwide.

    The latest update of the CancerX Solutions Catalog features Deep Bio’s AI-powered software, DeepDx Prostate. This groundbreaking solution empowers pathologists to deliver more precise and efficient prostate diagnoses by automating prostate cancer lesion identification, grading, and quantification of tumor proportion measurements. The solution also significantly decreases turnaround times, minimizes subjectivity in diagnosis, and reduces costs associated with overdiagnosis or unnecessary treatments. These groundbreaking features have immense potential to reduce health inequities in cancer care access and alleviate financial strains on patients.

    Sun Woo Kim, CEO of Deep Bio, highlights the urgency of tackling prostate cancer, the second-leading cause of death among American men. “The innovative features of DeepDx Prostate have immense potential to reduce health inequities in cancer care access and alleviate financial strains on patients,” Kim emphasizes the positive impacts of DeepDx Prostate in the medical field. “Due to that fact, Deep Bio’s listing in the Solutions Catalog signifies a transformation of the diagnostic landscape but also contributes to escalating the quality of medical services for prostate cancer patients,” he said.

    Deep Bio is proud to contribute to CancerX’s mission of advancing cancer care through innovative digital solutions. The collaboration underscores a shared commitment to improving patient outcomes and enhancing the overall landscape of cancer diagnostics and treatment.

    For more information, please visit Deep Bio’s website or contact