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    DeepBio, ‘prostate cancer’ detection using AI ..closes seed rounding

    August 13, 2017

    Deep Bio, is a start-up company that develops artificial intelligence (AI) to diagnose prostate cancer. There are diagnostic imagining methods such as X-rays and computed tomography (CT) to detect prostate cancer, but Deep Bio uses H&E stained biopsy digital whole slide images for AI to analyze prostate glands. Artificial Intelligence examines prostate glands based on tissue pattern recognition and the shape of the cell to help reduce diagnostic errors. To ensure cancer is present, a biopsy procedure is done to confirm it. For this reason, Deep Bio can help physicians make accurate decisions. “It can be used to observe and predict patients’ prognosis,” said Kim Sun-woo, Deep Bio Founder & CEO (46), and further mentioned, “it will significantly reduce the diagnostic error rate.”

    Early this year, Deep Bio has granted a total of 1.9 billion Korean Won seed funding from large investment firms in Korea such as Neo Flux. Kim said, “based on my years of engineering experience, I realized the importance of the engineering ability to create high quality that AI can learn.” Deep Bio develops its own uniquely architectured model that enables AI to learn efficiently. Kim stated that his company predominantly attracted the investors by its exclusive technology.

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